“How To Make Big $$$ Fast
With Expired Listings!”


Laura Duggan is the #1 expert in the Country on monitizing local expired listings for Realtors and she has agreed to hop on this eye-opening webinar to explain EXACTLY how anybody like you can build a 5 figure cashflow, right in you own backyard getting homes sold from expired listings!

  • Why you must prospect expired listings if you want to ramp up your business quickly!
  • Fix this ONE problem for your client and un-lock the doors to cash flow!
  • Why this is the perfect program for a down market and costs close to nothing to implement.
  • Learn what days of the month give you the most expired listings
  • How to create the WOW FACTOR that will have them ‘hooked’ at the first mailing.
  • The secret to getting your mailing opened first and cause the seller to save it, sometimes for months, while they throw the competition away!
  • Why you MUST delegate the program to a staff person….you’ll be too busy taking listings.
  • This program is ideal for a brand new agent or a seasoned professional who wants to generate more listings
  • How to take your business to the next level…it works for listings at $200k to $2M+, you choose.

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